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I use reiki/hands on healing, to assist my clients to find out what issues are the cause of their stress or anxiety, what they need to change or what is not working for them and provide them with alternative perspectives or actions which they can use to overcome these issues, as well as providing beautiful energy healing.  I use guided meditation as a tool to assist in making permanent changes to perception. If you would like to find out more, or contact me:

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Below is a testimonial from a client and friend of mine, Claire, through her wonderful blog this is life blood:

Reiki at Left of Centre Therapies

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Reiki is slowly but surely changing my life. Shifting things big time. Once a skeptic, I am now a total convert and taking care of myself and showing myself some love, now comes in the form of periodic reiki healings with Fiona of Left of Centre Therapies in Perth.

I look at these sessions as time to stop, reflect and heal. And of course, have a good old chat. I feel the ‘yuckiness’ in my belly shift and my head clear.

Fiona’s intuition is out of this world. As she moves around my body, she picks up on all the lower energies, fears and doubts I have been experiencing and helps to send them on their way. I cannot shout this woman’s praises enough; she is compassionate, insightful, wise and strong and she keeps me accountable and ‘doing the work’.  Claire Baker