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13 July 13 – The Sun Reversed

The sun reversed came up in a tarot reading I did for a friend the other day.  This person had started a creative business but, as it was similar to the businesses of other people she knew in her industry, she was feeling an overwhelming sense of competition. The Sun Reversed This competitive feeling was inhibiting her confidence, her creativity, as well as making it difficult to make friends with her colleagues.  The sun reversed meant that even though the sun was shining, to her it appeared that clouds were blocking the sun’s rays.

As I explained to my friend, healthy competition is healthy, it can stimulate creativity, encourage action and innovation or thinking outside the square.  However unbalanced competitive feelings usually result in jealousy, heightened sensitivity and a sense that there is not enough to go around.

I observed a similar situation to my friend’s, when I went to visit my parents in Albany and spent time with them selling their goods at the local farmers market.  I spent my time there watching two separate avocado stalls.  One was particularly modern stall, the signage expensive and advertising professional and the other was obviously a small family business with a definite rustic feel.  The owners of each stall were old family friends.

I watched as customers went to the first stall and asked for ripe avocados.  While they had plenty of fruit, none were ripe, due to the size of the farm the availability of ripe avocados to take to the market each week was limited, particularly as the season had just begun.  The second stall had a much larger operation and therefore were able to provide ripe avocados as needed.  It made me feel sad for the smaller guy.

However as the day went on customers came and went to both stalls.  Some preferred the small rustic stall and a chat with the farmer who planted, grew and picked the avocados himself, while others preferred the larger stall with greater variety and supply of fruit.  By the end of the day most of the avocados had been sold from both stalls and the two stall owners, though were very different, both went home successful.  I also noticed a healthy respect between them, perhaps after many successful markets they have overcome any sense of rivalry.

That trip to the markets that day taught me that for the most part, there is always enough to go around.  As long as there is a desire to maintain your own individuality, there is always enough to go around.  As long as you understand that you have your own gifts, there is always enough to go around.  As long as you have faith that some people will resonate with you and some with others, there is always enough to go around.

The lesson for my friend in her reading and mine at the market was to trust in the universe that there is always enough to go around and once you get that lesson the Sun will turn around to be upright.