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26 September 2013 – Animal Totems

While there are many religious beliefs providing theories on the origin of life and the Human Race, it was the scientists such as Carl Linnaeus and Charles Darwin who explored the theory that the Human Race evolved from animals.  Assuming this to be true, as time goes by, we continue to evolve further and further away from our origin, the animals, as we lead practical lives surrounding ourselves with concrete, pseudo experiences and the ever pressing need for material success.

However, in our spiritual lives, it is the animals who have much to teach US.  Wherever wild animals exist they remain connected to the earth, surviving by the use of their instinctual nature and characteristics unique to their kind, characteristics which they have developed to enhance the survival of their species.  It is these instinctual, survival characteristics that we identify in animal totems that can be used to guide us spiritually through our own lives.

Totem, derived from native American language, refers to kinship, and an animal totem Animal Totemis an animal who you personally develop a kinship/relationship with.  This Native American tradition provides that we are connected to 9 different animals that will guide us throughout our lives.  The particular animal totem present at a particular time will depend on our journey or the direction in which we are headed.  In seeking to connect or find our animal totems, we are seeking to connect and bond with the spirit of an animal that means something to us and recognise the qualities in that animal that may be needed, at that time, in our life.

For example, my current animal totem is a deer.  The deer is a gentle and graceful animal and has been recently present to encourage me to take a gentle and graceful approach to the difficulties I am facing in my life right now.

Finding your own animal totem is very simple.  Below is an exercise you might like to try to discover your personal animal totem and thereby gain guidance for your own journey and self discovery.

Sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing.

Notice any tension and breathe into it, pushing it away.  Look for any tension in your head and breathe into it, any tension in your shoulders, your torso, your hips, your legs, your feet.

Pay attention to your feet, let them feel heavy and connected to the earth.

Then go to a room in your mind.  In the middle of the room is a chair, sit down on the chair.  In front of you there is a large wall made of glass.  Through the glass you can see a landscape, it may be a forest, a mountain, a field, it might be a beach.  Whatever landscape it is, take in the scenery.

Then you notice a door in the wall, stand up, walk through the door and into the landscape.   There is a path that winds safely through the landscape, set off walking down that path.  Notice any sounds, any sensations, any movements.

You follow the path until you come to a protected space, it might be a clearing in the forest or a large, horizontal boulder on the side of the mountain.  Find somewhere to sit and relax, you have come to this place to meet your animal guide.

Ask your animal guide to come out and meet you and then relax, they will come when they are ready.

When you see them feel a warmth around your heart as you connect with this kindred spirit.

Look into the animals eyes, ask it any questions you may have, maybe you could ask it what characteristics it possesses that you may need in your life right now?.  Spend as long as you want to in this space with your animal.

When you are ready to go, stand up and look for your path.  Walk back along the path noticing any movements, any sounds – enjoy your walk and finally return to your room.

Walk back through the door and sit back on your chair.  When you are ready wriggle your toes and fingers, take a deep breath and open your eyes.

So now that you have met your current animal guide, look out for it in pictures or dreams – remember life is symbolic, it just needs interpreting!

To help you, here are some common animal totems and their meanings – though there is much more information available in books and on the internet – enjoy – and any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask:

Bear Industrious,   instinctive, healing, power, sovereignty, guardian of the world, watcher,   courage, will power, self-preservation, introspection, and great strength.
Cat Guardianship,   detachment, sensuality, mystery, magic, and independence
Dog Noble,   faithful, loyal, teaching, protection, and guidance
Dove Cross-world   communication, spirit messenger, peace, gentleness, love
Eagle Divine   spirit, sacrifice, connection to creator, intelligence, renewal, courage,   illumination of spirit, healing, creation, freedom, and risk-taker
Elephant Strength,   power, affection, loyalty, royalty, and wisdom
Owl Deception,   clairvoyance, insight, messenger.
Wolf Loyalty,   perseverance, success, intuition, and spirit

18 June 2013 – Anxiety – How the Monkey Helped

Monkey LOC TherapiesMost of us feel anxious from time to time, in fact sometimes it feels as if we are anxious most of the time.  Whether it be because the planets are aligned in a certain way (I have to admit when I feel anxious I am an avid reader of my daily horoscope) or we just can’t shake those nasty feelings caused by something difficult that has happened, there are times when we struggle to cope with certain issues or maybe all issues in our lives in a calm, practical or even in our normal way.

Recently I had about a week of feeling continually anxious!  It was in response to a fear, an old fear that has kept coming up for me to deal with time and time again.  As it is a reoccurring fear, I have used all my favourite tried and tested techniques, I have done the work, I know the cause of my anxiety and where it comes from.  But as it is such a biggie each time I deal with it a residual, heightened, uncool energy feeling can remain for some time after the fearful situation has passed.

It left me wondering why I could not learn this lesson once and for all, why I could not get absolute clarity on how to handle the situation when it comes and let the fear go after it has gone, why it was taking a superhuman effort for me not fear the worst or to fly off the handle and go back to old angry retorts that get me nowhere???

I needed to regain some perspective, and so this time decided to try something a little different.  I had read about using the technique of psychic dreaming to get in touch with your inner psyche and decided to give it a go.  Now this technique is not for everyone and I am not going to necessarily recommend it here, but I had quite an experience with my dream and gained some perspective on fear in general, that I thought was worth sharing.


DreamTo use the psychic dreaming technique, I cleared my mind first (well down to only 5 thoughts going through at once rather than 20), and went to sleep repeating the question:

How do I overcome my fear of…

And yes I had a dream and just like magic, I woke up afterward, in the middle of the night, to record it – no complaints on the technique so far, except that the dream was about being in a maths class at school :(.

So of course in the dream I couldn’t do the maths in class, I had no idea what was going on, I started to panic, nothing made sense.

I interpreted the maths class theme of my dream to mean that my fear really isn’t personal.  It doesn’t define me in any way, it doesn’t make me good, bad, different, tall, thin, fat, pretty, ugly – in fact I simply have a fear, a fear that many other people also experience.   So even if my anxiety is obvious to others from a waiver in my voice or a stutter over my words, all those people who have struggled with maths at one time or another, have felt the same.

Then when I left the maths class and went to another class, the fear feeling left and I seemed to just be able to work away as normal.

Right, so this meant that the fear is isolated to only one area of my life and unless I let it, it should only affect that one area.  I acknowledge that there are many, many amazing things happening in other areas of my life and I need not focus obsessively on that fear and the negativity.

The dream continued and the next day I was back in the maths class, with still no idea of what was going on, but the fear feeling was less, only very slightly, but it was less.

I took this to mean that each time the same situation is presented it is a chance for me to practice, to learn.  Each time the fear comes up, I get a little better at dealing with it and because I have seen it before, it will have slightly less impact.  This journey may be long, but I will gain knowledge, I will have experience to work with and as time goes on the lesson will get easier and easier.  It is amazing how much better I feel knowing that I am not a failure because I haven’t nailed this fear, I can stop pressuring myself and instead give myself a break – slowly, slowly catchy monkey – practice makes perfect – patience – love my scars.

And finally, and this is the best part – I saw a monkey statue on my maths desk (one that I have seen at a friend’s house) with its middle finger up.  Now this is clearly for the person to whom my fear is related… well actually if I was honest I was in the waking up stage at this point, but irrespective –

the next day I was happy again…

14 June 2013 – But My Psychic Told Me

Crystal Ball

After another closed eye point and grab expedition at the local library self help section, I have just started reading the Everyday Psychic by Karen Harrison.  It is a great read providing in simple terms the importance of and techniques for, how to get in touch with your inner psyche.

In the initial pages of the book the author also talks about the use of Psychic Readings.   I thought it would be a good topic to share as 2013 is the start of an era of change and people I know have started to seek assistance to help identify what paths in life they can take.

I have been fascinated by psychic readings ever since I received a reading from Scottish lady while living in Glasgow years ago, at the local Saturday markets who told me I was going to stay in the UK for an extended period of time, at least 2 years from that date.  I had already booked my ticket to return to Australia within the month so proceeded to tell her she couldn’t be more wrong.  But she stuck to her guns and told me I would eat my words.  After 2 years living in England, eat I did and from then on I had a new found respect for psychics.

The Everyday Psychic book explains a psychic reading as a reading of energies within a situation, so that when a psychic picks up the future they are seeing what is likely to happen if you carry down the current path.  It is explained as the likely outcome but importantly, NOT the predestined outcome.

And this is where the value of psychic readings comes in.  Once you become aware of a likely outcome from a reading, you can then choose whether or not to move your future in a different direction away from an outcome you may not want.  You can be proactive to change your patterns of behaviour, emotions or attitudes, to work toward that different outcome (that is of course if you are told about something you don’t want to experience, rather than upon leaving the reading you will be swept off your feet by a gorgeous millionaire looking for someone just like you – I live in hope!).  A reading allows you to make informed decisions and choices about changing the things, if you choose to, that are creating your likely future.

This is a slightly different perspective to the concept that what a psychic reading tells you, will be your future or fortune.    So if you have a healthy respect for psychics, or any intuitive work (not in the least because intuitive work is what I do ;)), consider your use of this service in the understanding that you are always in control of your own destiny and if you are told of an outcome you don’t like, you can change it.

You should also always have a healthy scepticism, after all psychic ability is based on reception and recognition of subtle information by the psychic senses and then the ‘interpretation’ of this information.   The interpretation may not always be 100% correct but the main theme will be there, so an open minded approach is a must…

Finally as a little checklist to get the best out of your psychic reading, from both my experience and from the book:

  • you should be mindful of who you see, work with someone who you connect or resonate with and who you feel you can trust;
  • keep an open mind and a healthy scepticism;
  • where advice is given you do not have to take that advice and you and your reader should feel comfortable with the fact that that is your choice;
  • know that YOU can change your destiny if you so choose;
  • and try not to form an unhealthy reliance on readings for everyday dealings especially if your psychic or energy reader recommends they fly with you on your business trip to London at your expense (yes I have heard a story where this has happened).