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I listened – I heard – I know

We are constantly being reminded, especially those looking into the energies of 2014, to choose a life where intuition is used not just on an occasional whim, but as a force of habit, to hone into that source that exists within each of us to lead us forward, to find the answers to the life questions that we seek.

We are born intuitive, with a deep sense of inner wisdom but as we grow and conform to the rules of society we tend to unlearn how to access it, how to use it, how to trust it.  So as adults when we decide to follow a path of spirituality and begin to work consciously with our intuition, we may have to relearn our own ways of accessing this deep inner knowing.

We have all used it, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, but have you ever asked yourself what does my intuition feel like?  How do I know when my intuition is at work?

Perhaps you get a feeling in the pit of your stomach – a gut feeling.  You may get an unexplainable hunch, a feeling of something you cannot dismiss.  There could be a chill that sends shivers up your spine, a feeling of just knowing or just doing, a feeling of taking action just because you feel it is right.  A calming and positive energy in a thought/action.  Or is it something that makes you stop dead in your tracks like a red light flashing?

For me its all of the above and it’s a thought that seems to be a little brighter than the other thoughts, something that seems to immediately spark my interest. 

Using your intuition enables the mind to “see” answers to problems or decisions in the absence of conscious reasoning.  And this is why it is so important to pin point, to be aware of or to be conscious of what your intuition FEELS like, for this is when you establish trust.

I mean just how well do we expect our minds to cope – without a rational thought process or conscious reasoning?

Trusting your intuition takes practice and a lack of trust in ourselves and our feelings is very often where we come unstuck.  Do you trust your intuition?  Or do you find yourself looking for and relying on external signs to give you the answers you seek (or want)?  Maybe thats because relying on and trusting your intuition can be hard work.  This very intuition, this deep inner knowing often points us in the direction away from what we think we desire, toward the difficult road and so the necessary follow on action is slipped into the too hard basket.


If we are completely honest with ourselves, however, we would know that to get where we want to be, more often than not we have to go backwards or sidewards before going forward.  Trusting in this process will bring us exactly where we need to be and to learn exactly what we need to learn – I bet you have examples of this from your own past.

And so just when you are feeling confused, fearful and anxious the challenge is to become quiet enough to notice how your intuition speaks to you, to hear that voice within, to trust and surrender to your own deeper knowing – as the quieter you become, the more you can hear.

So quieten your mind, quieten your heart – tune into yourself and hear