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Handy hints for healthy thoughts

Pressure may be building and times may be testing, but here a some quick tips to help you keep a healthy head:

*       think first, act second

*       avoid “all or nothing” thinking

*       avoid overgeneralizing: “all”, “always”

*       avoid labeling or being judgmental

*       avoid filtering i.e hear the words not the perception

*       focus on the positives

*       avoid jumping to conclusions

*       focus on the present event, leave the past in the past

*       forget about the “shoulds”

*       do not self-blame for things that you have no control over


So what is the purpose of this mundane?

As I work toward building a life full of passion and creativity, I have often found myself stuck in theory and working in the mundane.  I am at the beginning, in the time of practice and the building of self confidence.  At times I find this period frustrating and a sort of restless feeling sets in.

This has lead me to seek what is the purpose of this mundane?

And this is what I found…

The essence of wisdom is to use everything, even lowly things, for a noble purpose. When involved in lofty matters of sanctity, it is not difficult for any person to focus on spiritual improvement. However, when involved in mundane matters, it takes a healthy level of wisdom to be able to focus on their spiritual value. This requires a “wise person who sees that which is to come in the future.

For this reason, when one begins the blessings that relate to mundane matters, as one who leaves the holy to enter mundane activities, he must pray for the wisdom to enable even those matters to be connected to sanctity.

Extract from :

Get Grounded

Do you ever feel scattered, or overwhelmed with all the things you have to do and that leads you to feeling scattered?  The very next chance you get go to the beach, make any excuse, borrow the neighbours children, their dog or their surfboard and go….

When you are there dig your toes in the sand at the water’s edge, close your eyes and let that sinking feeling into the sand ground you.  (If you are at the dog beach be a little careful of wet unsuspecting noses in the back of your knee you may find your whole body connected to the sand – yes this really has happened to me).

It will move your energies from your head into your body, help you feel and be more present, more practical and just see how much more you get done.

Beach Grounding

PS – if you can’t get to the beach, you can also ground yourself by just being in nature and breathing, walking, or doing any kind of exercise… just by consciously connecting to the earth beneath your feet.

Negative thoughts

Thinking Negative Thoughts

I was reminded last night during a “healing share” of a tendency I can have for negative thoughts… and just as I described here in a recent post on failure – when something doesn’t go according to plan it can so easily be made so much bigger…

“you pick apart your failure with even more obsessive gusto than whatever it was that you were working on in the first place and then you start attacking your life too, you know it’s not just that thing that failed, it is everything else too – my relationships are not how I want them to be, my job is not how I want it to be, I never have enough money and I even can’t stand the people I do extreme ironing with (Google it) …”

And of course we all know how it feels when those nasties manifest :(. The absolute best you can do with them is to make self depreciating jokes about how crap you are at… and while it may be kind of ok to laugh at yourself now and again it’s really not going to help long term.  So of course the solution is to lighten the load and change your negative thoughts to positive ones, phew good idea.


Well as I am not Louise Hay, for me, like everyone else, it is a lot about trial and error and keeping it conscious, by which I mean firstly admitting to the tendencies and then being aware of how you use them in interactions you have with others.  Do your interactions feel good, soft and fluffy or not so much?  Not so much hey – then really you need to overanalyse what you are saying/doing and kick yourself for being so negative – ONLY KIDDING – ha I really do need some work…

Anyway so I have decided to try a couple of tricks to work this one out because I really, really want to manifest the good stuff – I like good stuff – and as I also like to share here is what I am starting with.  Anyone else with any more fabulous suggestions please feel free to share too:

Gratitude – While I haven’t done the and Deepak and Oprah’s 21 day gratitude meditation I believe that the concept behind it is to focus on what is good in your life as opposed to what is not so good. So Fiona’s way is to put a little sign next to my bed with THANK YOU on it. It’s the first thing I see in the morning, besides an over affectionate hungry cat, and so I remember to start the morning with thinking about and thanking the Universe for something special in my life.  I can then use this throughout the day and whenever I feel the negatives creeping in I think of the good thing that I was thankful for that morning.  This morning – I am thankful for the absolutely lovely MAGIC of last night’s energy healing session, it was fabulous.

And no 2:

Questioning habitual thoughts – when you catch yourself having a “moment”, question your thoughts.  Interrogating negative thoughts is enough to begin off-loading old patterns as I learned in the 10 life lessons you should unlearn. Take an issue that is worrying you like “I’ve got to work harder” and think of 3 reasons why that belief may be wrong…

Off now to continue my homework and am feeling so much more positive already 😉