My name is Fiona, I am a healer and proud business owner of, Left of Centre Therapies, specialising in Reiki/hands on healing and Meditation practices.

I started down the healing road a long time ago when life threw me a few curve balls and through dark times I stumbled across a Psychic Healer, Cathy, who changed my life.  In effect, with her help, I grew up.  Part of that growing up was a dedication to living consciously.

Living consciously is a practice of self awareness.  Having gone through the self discovery process you understand exactly who you are, are aware of how you feel (physically and emotionally) and why you feel and behave the way you do.  In understanding You, you know when things aren’t working for you, you take conscious action against being limited by negative thoughts, you change your perception to serve you better and consciously release negative feelings when things don’t go the way you perceive that they should.  You are aware of and find the lesson in every difficulty you face.  You Heal

All of us spend so much of our life stuck in old, unhelpful behaviour patterns – and as my Mum would put it – you don’t really know that you are doing anything wrong, until someone tells you, or something in life just does not work for you anymore. I remember a particularly horrible session I had with Cathy who was trying to get me to see that I was behaving like a 6 year old (shamefully I had to admit 6 was being generous) and I was refusing to admit there was a problem, when Cathy asked, “is your life really working for you then?”

Once I admitted that life really wasn’t working for me I set about making changes, I became aware of how I was behaving, and why, determined what were my motives for just about everything I did and set about healing and loving myself.  I have the joy now of continuing and sharing the insights gained on my journey, with you.

I am also blessed with the 2 most Mum Rocksgorgeous children.  They will also be mentioned along the way as they bring me motivation, inspiration, keep me young and have taught me to live through my heart.



So that brings me to the reason for this blog which is to share information, knowledge, my thoughts and views on everyday life experiences, provide tips to healing yourself and to perhaps encourage you on your own journey of self discovery, healing and living consciously…

Remember if something isn’t working for you in life – change it… or change you!

Lots of love – Fiona xx

Fiona's Living Consciously


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