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Sometimes it takes someone else to help you see the possibilities…

Sometimes it takes someone else to help you see the possibilities…

Many of the job seekers that attend the training workshops I facilitate, come without any idea of what it is they want to do for work or career.  These groups consist of a small number of people, most of who are at a turning point in their lives.  They cannot do the work they have previously done (for whatever reason), cannot find a job in what they have been looking for or have just lost interest in the work they have been doing and are beyond ready for change.  They attend the workshops skeptical about how, from a group of people they don’t know (me included), they will find direction.  This always makes me smile…

You see there is magic in having people join together in discovery.

First the workshops take the participants through some simple exercises on identifying individual technical and soft skills, strengths, interests and values.  We then visit the many career sites that providing helpful career exploration, job information and labour market data.

But the magic really happens when they start to explore and match this information to possibilities – together.

Exploring new perspectives, new ideas and expanding mindsets is always easier when there is more than one of you.  There are a lot of noisy discussions on who has what strengths, with compliments and guidance shared around, all in the aim of matching people to the work others perceive they would be good at.  Confidence is built and new ideas explored so that each and every participant leaves the workshop with new possibilities or at least greater confidence in the roles they were already looking at.

This works spiritually as well and is a natural part of the intuitive energy sessions I host. Clarity is gained in session when a client is happy to explore their struggles together.  We look for new insights, new perspectives and new ideas from connecting to both their and the universal energy fields.  Again the magic comes when we work together to explore the possibilities of how these new insights can change how they manage their struggles and their belief systems in general.  So again each and every participant leaves the sessions with new possibilities or at least greater confidence in the lives that they are already leading.

Keep exploring – connect with others – share your discoveries – deepen your understanding

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mindfulnessMindfulness is paying attention in a non-judgemental way to what is happening in the present moment, what is happening in our mind, our body, our thoughts, our emotions and what stories we are telling ourselves and others.

Focus is on what is happening not why.

Science behind this: When we use mindfulness meditation it helps us to switch from the alarm of facing a threat (ie the flight or fight response) to a calming response. When we are in flight or fight the hormone Cortisol is released to provide increased sugar levels for the body to use to get away from the threat. However Cortisol can have an affect on the Amygdala, the area of the brain that processes fear and threat, therefore strengthening negative networks in the brain which have a compounding affect.

Mindfulness meditation shifts the focus from thinking about the threat to simply examining how the body is responding to the threat. It takes a “scientific, removed approach” which should have a calming effect, reducing Cortisol in your brain.

Through Mindfulness meditation you check in with how your body is going, if there is fear you ask yourself – what does this fear look like? What areas of your body is it affecting, what are the physical sensations, do they move, what thoughts are arising out of the fear, what stories am I telling myself. It is like a scientific questioning process that pulls the focus out of the emotional, away from focussing on the threat. It is a stepping back, a non-judgemental questioning technique that shifts the focus and soothes the body and mind.

Mindfulness meditation is not a relaxing meditation, it is opening up to whatever arises. It is also not positive thinking, it is about opening up to all of the experience – the good, bad and neutral. Its purpose is not to find out why, but simply a shift of focus.


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