Energy Coaching

An energy reading connects into your energy field and what’s around you.  Importantly it does not involve a psychic reading of your future, rather helps you to connect and gain more comfort in the life you are living – RIGHT NOW.  Reading the energy you are carrying with you at that point in time and the universal energy field enables me to guide you to new perspectives and understanding.

Energy coaching is focussed on spiritual progression.


To make the most of this type of reading here is what you can do.

Your Role:

  1. Clear your mind – your mind will always have a hundred and one things to say and do and so its important to let those to-do lists go before a reading;
  2. Get into a meditative state – you can do this by simply taking a few deep breaths and just relax;
  3. Think about the questions you would like to focus on during the reading and write them down if necessary;
  4. Allow the reader to connect to you and share what they see around the particular area of focus;
  5. Work with the reader to understand the messages that are coming through;
  6. Ask questions for clarity;
  7. Write down what was said to refer to it at a later stage.

The Intuitive’s Role:

  1. Meditate for clear mind;
  2. Raise vibration to hold a strong link;
  3. Prepare the room for the reading, say a prayer and protect the space and light a candle;
  4. Use any tools needed;
  5. Work with the client to gain clarity over the information that is coming through;
  6. Close and ground

Intuitive energy reading sessions …$80

Energy coaching sessions package …4 for $250

1st intuitive energy reading can be credited against energy coaching package