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Useful links to resources for self development and managing stress in the workplace

ARTICLES – stress in the workplace

Stress is not a disease or injury but it can lead to mental and physical ill health

Poetry in the Boardroom
​Using poetry to reminds us all that change is evolution, and that it is in the process of change that we undergo an inner transformation that ultimately leads to a new and stronger self:

Resources to help resolve health challenges
​This article has great practical advice on tackling work stress in today’s uncertain climate:

Stress in the workplace, is it making you sick?​
​According to a study by the Centre for Mental Health Research at Australian National University, people with jobs characterized by high demand, low control over decision making, high job insecurity, and an imbalance between expended effort and reward actually experienced poorer mental health than those who were jobless:

ARTICLES – self development

We all know people in our lives who cause us grief – but how do we deal with them…

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