In a Nurturing World

Nurturing Tree

From early we are taught in order to THRIVE we must STRIVE.

We go to school and then do homework and for the less fortunate, tutoring.

We play sport and then train.

We play music and then practice.

We sit exams to tell us just how much we should have/could have worked harder.

As young adults we have temporary relief as we gain freedom and play – for a short time.

Then as adults we are back to working hard, striving for a better salary or actually in todays world, striving to keep our jobs or find another one because we are surrounded by people striving to keep their job…  And then we strive to be better people, to change, to fix, to become successful in body, mind and spirit.

Nurturing workWhat do we gain from all this striving/hard work besides tiredness, anxiety, paranoia?  How can we succeed if we don’t obsess and commit extensive hours and energy to seeking what we consider we need to be successful – I would be rich if I could get a penny for the number of times I have heard, if you don’t work hard you won’t get anywhere (and probably richer for the number of times I have heard myself say it).

Does it work?  Is success being busy fixing and bettering and earning?

If you listen to Louise Hay or follow the Secret, should we not be able to just attract what we want through positive thought and positive attitudes… change your attitude, change your negative thoughts, change your habits, phew that sounds like more hard work.

Can we trust that the Universe is on our side, that magic happens and that everything happens for a reason.  Yes I believe in that, but what if it takes a year to find a new job or 18 months to find a new partner or a heck of a long time to manifest what we determined needed fixing in our lives… think I am in need of some new energiser batteries.

So what is the solution…

Could we possibly consider taking timing away from what we are desperately trying to achieve to focus more on what is good in our lives… A MORE NURTURING SOLUTION  and still succeed in changing and bettering our circumstances.

One way to nurture yourself may be to work out what you love about your life, relive it often, do more of it, nurture it and keep loving it.

Then work out what you don’t love and yes commit to changing it but through a simple plan of action within a predetermined, fixed amount of time – this is time taken from what you love to do so yes limit it.

MAKE IT SIMPLE : Make a plan, have a series of steps to take, if one doesn’t succeed move to the next, all within realistic time frames and Nurturing ourselvesmost importantly, because you have a plan, remove any attachment to the outcome, emotional or otherwise.  No result?  Then try the next action on your list.  And with the rest of your time, enjoy the good stuff.

And maybe, just maybe because you are overall generally happier and lighter for not carrying the emotional baggage of situations that you cannot control you will attract more good, adopt a natural pace to life and the knowledge that the hard stuff will change too in time.

Without emotions involved the value may well shift and become more about how the action will benefit you and less about the hard work of it.  And perhaps you will even be more open to finding new solutions/actions.

So the message:

Focus more on the good, have a plan for the bad and go forth with patience and humour

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