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Why Try Reiki?

Reiki“After my first couple of Reiki sessions with Fiona, I feel like I am finally on the right path to healing my mind and body.  Not only has she helped me to connect with the spiritual world, but her wisdom, intuition and gentle nature offers guidance and a beautiful sense of calm. As someone who knew next to nothing about Reiki before my first session, I’m so glad I kept an open mind and gave it a go.  Fiona is a kind soul who has a lot of positive energy to share.”  Rachelle


13 September 2013 – What is Reiki?

Since launching Left of Centre Therapies earlier this year, I have been inundated with the question what is reiki?  Especially within my ties to the corporate world, this question has not just been a what is reiki? question, but also a why reiki? question.

I discussed this very thing with a colleague who is visiting from our Africa office, just this week, a man who suffers from diabetes therefore is constantly watching his sugar levels and constantly taking medication.  We discussed his diagnosis, the medical side to his life and his reliance on drugs.  And then he asked me where Reiki might fit into this.

My colleague had spent much time working out how to manage his diabetes, how to manage his eating, how to live with his disease, but not much time thinking about the where it came from, save from eating too much sugar.  Why had he reached a point in his life where his diet had become unbalanced and excessive – what had his reliance on sugar given him that he was not getting from life itself?  I explained that this is where the Reiki, alternative medicines and healing come in.  The focus of these therapies is not just on symptoms but most importantly also on the cause.

I also read an article yesterday in the ‘Have a Go News’, a free paper that was at my son’s karate class (this may be an admission of not watching the karate, but there is only so much karate you can watch :)).  The article, ‘stress and manifesting disease’, further explains my point.  Research, the medical community and alternative health professionals all support that stress plays a major role in the incidence of disease.  The article quotes a radio interview with a doctor who suggests that 99.5% of disease is a manifestation of stress.

In the initial stages unresolved stress firstly manifests in behaviour, with complaints of being unable to cope or being stressed out.  This leads to the use of coping mechanisms or habits such as drinking, smoking, comfort eating etc.  None of these work, with the habits themselves often not only causing disease, but also suppressing the emotions we are feeling, such sadness, fear, hurt or guilt.  Suppressed emotion then results in anxiety and physcial pressure on the body which shows intself in the form of disease or pain.

The article went on to describe how alternative medicine techniques can be used to help relieve this ‘initial stage’ stress by changing unwanted thinking, behaviours and releasing emotions so that they do not have the chance to manifest into harm or physical pressure on the body.

So that is the why answered, now for the What is Reiki???


Reiki is the ancient spiritual practice of Hands on Healing and a form of alternative medicine. Our bodies have a natural energy force, Reiki works with that energy to rebalance the flow and release blocked emotions thereby enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal and regain harmony. Reiki’s peaceful and loving energy can help heal and energize your body, create harmony in your emotions, peace and clarity in your mind and balance in your energy field.

Reiki is recognised as a complementary medicine and can be safely used to support orthodox treatments without interfering with or diminishing the intended effects of other health or medical practices.  Reiki treatments are increasingly accepted in health and community care facilities being the most accessed complementary treatment for cancer and leukaemia patients at SolarisCare Cancer Support Centre, Sir Charles Gairdner hospital.

The Benefits of Reiki include:

  • Deeply relaxes the body allowing release of stress and tension
  • Reduces or relieves pain and discomfort
  • Aids sleep
  • Heals physical, mental and emotional conditions
  • Enhances optimism and sense of well being
  • Aids spiritual growth and emotional clearing
  • Increases energy, vitality
  • Creates harmony within yourself and your life

And as such I love to use Reiki in my healing practice as it creates such a beautiful sense of peace and wellbeing in my clients…

22 June 2013 – healing is like emptying a backpack

Below is an extract from a talk I recently gave on Healing at a gathering of Perth Wellness Bloggers.  The wonderfully successful event organised by Jacqueline from Upon Wild Stars was a day to nurture our bodies, minds and creative sides (Jacinta’s flower headpieces – http://cintism.com/)…   

The notion of healing may be different for everyone but for me I see it as like emptying a backpack.

We are born with an empty backpack and as we go through our childhood we are influenced by many situations, some good, some bad and we fill up our backpack.  With our negative experiences we store consequent negative beliefs and the backpack gets heavy and weighs us down.

When we then face similar negative experiences later on we dig around in our backpacks to find and use the same coping mechanisms that we have learned in the past, behaviours that have been stored based on how we have seen others behave or how we have best protected ourselves.  We run away, get aggressive, get anxious or become the victim.  These coping mechanisms attract further negative experiences and the trend continues.

MistAs we travel down our roads using our same old mind sets we continue to fill our backpacks until the weight of life and our experiences causes us to get stuck, slow down or have a crisis and a veil of yuck covers our senses so that we struggle to see the road we are supposed to be travelling on.  The signs are there as our body breaks down, our relationships break down, our relationship with ourselves breaks down.

Eventually a correlation, an AHA moment needs to be made to identify that WE are attracting our own negative experiences into our lives by how we are behaving.  At that crunch moment, the moment we face up to the fact that we are responsible for all that is happening to us, the good, the bad and the ugly, we have a choice to continue on with an ever increasing load and more mist than on the Scottish Highlands, or stop and start to remove or change those innate, stored behaviours from our backpack.  And this is healing.

And so healing begins with the conscious acknowledgement of the need to heal. 

Now while I have used a simple metaphor likening healing to removing items from a backpack, healing is anything but simple.  Once we have decided to take the plunge we are often faced with a myriad of questions and a sense of confusion which can be overwhelming or bring an anxiety all of its own.  Where do I start, what do I do now, how am I supposed to behave, how can I change from the person I have always been?

Healing is a personal journey.  It is a step by step process of change to our energy, our thought patterns, our perspective, our behaviour to ways which serve us better.  It may require throwing out all our preconceived ideas and starting afresh.  But there is much help at hand…

From my own experience I have learned to heal through a combinationReiki Left of Centre Therapies approach.  I work with energy tools (reiki, meditation) to reduce the anxiety, gain clarity, get answers and to change my negative energy to positive which in turn attracts positive experiences, I work with mental tools (guided meditations and books, books and more books) to make cause and effect changes and I work with physical techniques (exercise, food) where I need to make physical changes. 

In an effort to heal myself I found reiki, which now is my passion.  Reiki is an energy healing technique that picks up on anxieties, feelings and emotions that are stored in the body and which are sometimes expressed in the form of physical ailments.  A hands on healer can feel these stored negative energies and will raise them during a session to bring them from the subconscious into the conscious.

So once they are in your conscious the Healer can then work with you to find out what experiences you have stored in your backpack that have caused these emotions and determine ways of dealing with or releasing them.

I recently worked with a client who had a deep seated fear of teaching which was evident from a tooth infection.  As a child her parents berated her for her inability to learn quickly.  She was now helping her own children with their homework and behaving in the same way as her parents.  The infection was a result of her attacking herself as she subconsciously knew she did not like how she was teaching or behaving.

Once we worked this out she was able to approach the teaching/homework issue in a conscious way, she has looked into tutoring where her children needed specific help and is mindful to both her children’s and her needs in this area of her life.

A reiki session also rebalances your energy, draws in external energy and moves energy around your body to help unblock blockages, temper those strong emotions, bring clarity and leave you feeling more positive and in a better place to attract better experiences into your life.

There are other amazing energy tools you can also use to help in the healing process and which I use in session.  Crystals for example are little rocks full of magic.  My favourite is rose quartz a stone for your heart, it is a stone to invoke universal love and can really help you to live through your heart.

Most days I get a little rose quartz from my collection and hold it in my hand, I speak to it and project love into it.  I do this by thinking about something that makes me feel lovely and asking the stone to take that feeling with me throughout the day.  Then I carry it around in my pocket.

Spirit quartz is related to other quartz crystals but is made up of very fine facets usually of amethyst or citrine.  I use mine to meditate with, I speak to it first and ask it to give me clarity and intuition and place it on my forehead.

And finally black tourmaline is a protector stone and for anyone who is looking at doing Healing is a must to wear to retain your own energy and not take on the energy of your client.

There are also tools useful for making mental changes, to work on cause and effect.  I use guided meditations which guide you into to a relaxed state and bring your inner most thoughts, feelings and experiences to the surface so you can take control and use your own mind to consciously change your perspective and associated behaviour.  It is an exercise which you can repeat and practice at home.

Using all these tools and techniques, Healers can provide a sanctuary, a place where you can get closer to your own intuition, your subconscious, your faith and begin to heal.  However there is also work required of you to achieve lasting healing success and this is the homework, the deep cellular work.  Being committed to healing requires time spent by yourself allowing you to get to know YOU, to notice when things aren’t working, to notice when you don’t feel good, to determine when and how you need to start the healing process and determine what works for you.  Which is why Healing and Self Awareness go hand in hand.

Life is cyclical, it doesn’t matter how much you heal there is always more work to be done, but this work gets easier, quicker and the lessons further apart.

My path as a Reiki and Hands on Healer has been an exciting one.  There is so much to explore, so many different tools and techniques to investigate, try and learn.  Sometimes there are too many choices but on this journey you need to find out and work with what resonates with you.

Most importantly you need to be or become self-aware and even when things get tough with healing and they do, ensure you give yourself plenty of TLC, love your scars and continue to strive to make the world a better place.


7 June 2013 – Interview Heroines with Heart

I was recently very honoured to be asked to do an interview for my friend Claire’s Heroines with Heart segment of her wonderful and incredibly successful blog – This is Lifeblood, and here is how it went…

Today’s Heroine with Heart is a very special person in my life. Synchronicity brought Fiona Ferreira into my world when I had hit absolutely rock bottom. My entire life had changed overnight; I was lost, confused, angry, anxious, heartbroken and in serious need of some healing. Fiona’s blend of reiki, meditation and energy healing has transformed so many areas of my life, physically and emotionally. I have written about my personal experiences with reiki here, here and here.

Fiona is not only a Reiki 2 Practitioner, Writer and Blogger but also a wonderful Mum to two young children. She seriously blows my mind with her intuition and her ability to give so much to the world. She has the biggest heart of GOLD and I am beyond thrilled to introduce her to you today.


So, first things first. What is your dream?

My dream is to be successful. Success to me is enjoying every aspect of my life, career, relationships, hobbies, money, exercise etc… It’s not just about having these things, it’s about enjoying them too and the enjoyment comes from fulfilment where the activity does not own me and I have it/do it because I choose to. To fulfil my dream I actively work on self discovery, confidence, defining happiness, peacefulness and love.

What makes up your lifeblood?

My passion is to live a spiritual, creative, exciting life full of adventure and making connections with people who are travelling down the same road as me.

What has been your biggest fear to date to overcome?

My biggest past fear was the fear of “losing” my children as during our divorce proceedings my ex-husband insisted on shared care. I was worried that the children would make preferences between households and reject me. I feared losing my influence on them and that the less time we spent together, the less the kids would bond with me. For these reasons I turned into a horrible control freak, until one day it dawned on me that I could not control what was happening and that I really had to make the best of it.

I set about trying to reconnect to my heart so I could then live through it. Once I did this my relationship with my children blossomed and I cannot imagine we will ever not be close irrespective of the amount of time we spend together or how different the households are.

Being healthy means that I…

Feel strong in body, mind and spirit. I was a slow learner on this one. Connecting the dots between my thoughts, my beliefs and the consequent desire for physical health took me some time to master. I started working on the health of my mind, then my spirit after which the health of my body, which I had struggled with in the past, came easy. I did not change diet or exercise significantly, but just found a natural balance which keeps my body strong.

To me, the word ‘healing’ means…

True healing is going deep into self discovery and changing what it is that isn’t working for you anymore. Healing is identifying and then moving emotional and energetic blockages that hold you back in life. Deep healing is a cellular level, it creates a sense of calm, a sense of peace, it is when you still have day to day things to deal with but have moved most of your baggage and you are no longer controlled by past experiences or outmoded ways of doing things. It is losing the need and doing/having because you choose to.

Where is your ultimate travel destination?

Is this a trick question to see if I am adventurous or not? I don’t know, I used to be a big traveller but the interest has faded. But if I had to choose I would have to say Scotland is up there as I feel a spiritual connection, particularly to the Scottish countryside.

What DRIVES you?

I love being part of self discovery, being a part of a new story, a new person/client which brings new energy and momentum for achieving their peace. There is nothing better than hearing someone make the connection… The AHA moments.

Choosing love over fear means…

Personal growth. In life there are always choices between taking the easy road and the hard road. In most instances choosing the hard road brings personal growth and the courage of that choice brings self respect, therefore stems from a love for yourself.

Choosing the easy road is often done out of fear and can limit growth.

I feel really creative when I…

Write. I have so many ideas and thoughts, solutions and stories to tell and to get them down on paper, to share them, satisfies my creative side.

If you could tell your 14 year old self one thing, what would it be?

Stop trying to grow up so quickly. I spent a lot of time in childhood thinking I was missing out because we lived on a farm out of town. I didn’t get to go out with friends who hung out with older kids who drove laps between the main street of town and the beach to see who else was driving laps (affectionately known as “bog laps”).

In reality I could have enjoyed those innocent years more by an understanding that there is plenty of time to do bog laps and that by doing the same things as everyone else isn’t necessarily the best option (I mean seriously – bog laps!!).

Can you share with us your secret pleasure?

I am such a geek, I looooooooove Lord of the Rings. Recently I was home sick from work and spent an entire day watching nearly all of the movies. I can see in my crystal ball another day in the near future – with a bad headache coming on….