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23 July 2013 – Living with Grace

The end of last year and the first 6 months of this year have been BIG, challenging, lightening speed pace and very testing at times.  So many times during this period I have responded to life’s hurdles feet first and with a gusto, bordering on aggressive, gung ho attitude.  I have sought to control with an iron fist when things haven’t gone my way or freaked out when faced with situations that have asked me to broaden or change my approach.  And while the clogs have turned slowly, I am now beginning to understand that I am being asked to change my approach, I am being asked to live my life with grace.

Grace is a way of being, a type of behaviour, an approach to life.   Grace is the aButterflybility to trust that everything is as it should be, the ability go with the flow, the ability to open your mind and heart to allow yourself to be lead in the direction of your highest good.  It is the ability to approach difficulties without freaking out or faltering when things do not go according to your plan.  It is the ability to act and live with patience.

Grace is not an outer quality, nor is it attributable to appearance, it is a deep sense of being, a peaceful sense of being.  One who acts with grace embraces all things complex but discards all things superfluous, so all things become simple. 

The African gazelle has grace, it moves with ease through the grass on the plains on which it lives and when faced by a stalking lion, runs like hell with focus and long, even strides.  It rarely falters, it cannot afford to falter, because if it falters, this means the end.

Just like the gazelle, making the decision to consciously live with grace allows for the movement through life (or grass) with ease.  Acting with grace and accepting and believing in the direction that life is encouraging you in, ensures that you do not falter, it enables you to become agile in your thinking, your movements reflect attentiveness and your thoughts sensitivity and consideration.

The opposite to life with grace, is life with struggle.  Struggle reflects a position of powerlessness and an increased focus on the desire to gain control.  It is the inability to accept life just as it is or with flexibility.  Life loses simplicity and a belief in struggle accommodates visions of hardship.  The desire to maintain control results in a life based on confrontation, criticism and resentment and becomes entrenched in negativity.

In my desire to approach life with Grace I vow to face difficulties with ease and an open mind, to gain the qualities of patience and harmony and to trust that life is as exactly as it should be.