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6 August 2013 – Sound Therapy

After a week of sickness brought on by two long standing issues that are well overdue to be removed from my back pack I was excited to be going to Echoes Sound Therapy session on Sunday.  I had no idea what to expect.  The little sound therapy work I had done with mantra had invoked a wonderful sense of calm, so I knew I was in for some deep relaxation in the very least.

I did however have the hope that the session would also be a healing one so I could get some clarity on, yes the big ones – forgiveness and money – which had shown up in the form of a sore throat (anger) and serious sinus congestion (someone getting up my nose).

The sound chamber at Echoes which looked like a tepee, was located on a sacred Aboriginal site within the gorgeous grounds of Ramons Restaurant in Canning Vale.  Inside the chamber there were thirteen bed like positions made cosy with pillows and cushions and a massive gong suspended from the roof.  The roof itself was quite spectacular, it looked like the night sky in Albany – full of the brightest stars.

GongThe session started with circular breathing and before long we were treated to the sounds of gongs, crystal bowls and didgeridoos sometimes in the centre of the tepee, sometimes over our individual bodies or at our feet.  The sound was incredibly strong and the vibration resonated through our entire bodies.

Science has found that sound has a profound effect on the body and sound therapy is the subject of many studies at various Universities worldwide.  Our bodies are made up of energy fields that vibrate and the use of sound vibration to rebalance these energy fields is actually nothing new, ancient cultures have for thousands of years used sound and vibration to cleanse energies in the body. The use of singing bowls dates back to the days of Cleopatra.  The didgeridoo has been used for both ceremonial and medicinal purposes for tens of thousands of years and other indigenous cultures have used drums, gongs and other vibratory instruments to this purpose.

And because of its proven healing effects, Echoes Sound Therapy has now been Accredited as a Complimentary Medicine.

The sound chamber creates an environment for sound therapy to be used as a catalyst for physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual healing, depending on the attendee’s intent.   A person’s intent to heal during a therapy session adds power, so that the clearer or purer the intent to attain peace, healing, change, or growth, the greater the result. 

My intent on Sunday was to not only gain physical healing through the sound vibrations but to also allow my inner psyche, in the state of meditation, to reveal answers on my issues above.

And yes, I had very profound experience.

My focus for the week prior had been on forgiveness and money, so I was surprised when the session started, that I immediately sensed a strong feeling of failure AND FEAR.  I saw the faces of my parents and my children, of the people I would let down if I was to fail.  If I could not provide the right type of parenting or the right financial environment to support my children as my parents had done, I would be a failure.  Of course at this point there were floods of tears.

My first thought was of escape and so I saw myself as a bird flying with great speed using breaststroke wings to get maximum push upward.  I flew upwards and upwards, through mud until I came to a space.  It was a tranquil space, a space of nothing.

I looked around and very quickly realised I had escaped, I had run away.

I looked down at what I had escaped from and realised that everything that was important in my life had been left behind.  Everything that felt like hard work but that I truly cared about, was back on earth and I was no longer there.  Looking down from above I missed my burdens, the people I could fail, the things I could fail at.  So I took off and flew back through the mud, back to earth.

Lying there and letting the sound vibration massage my body cells (that’s really what it feels like) I realised that the key issues of money and forgiveness were also intertwined with a previously hidden fear of failure.

So from my sound therapy session I can say I am a little closer to understanding myself, my current issues and limitations and the start of the healing process has begun…

I wonder what my next sound therapy session will bring?