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4 September 2013 – Patience

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece on relinquishing control and letting life guide.  For an ex ‘Control Freak’ acceptance of the flow of life wasn’t easy but it came with its own rewards of peace, open mindedness and experience etc.  However in this process I have found that it is one thing to consent and be guided by life but to succumb to life’s pace is a whole ‘nother story.

In effect I have found that while yes there is a Divine Plan, this plan happens at a divine pace and not a Fiona pace.

It is clear the next step, the next lesson in the sequence of learning to live in sync with the Universe is to Learn Patience.  I am sure I am not alone in saying that once a decision is made or an event set in motion and even when you have followed the signs and guidance, sometimes in absolute blind faith, it can seem to take an extraordinarily long time to get to the end point, where change is fully realised or the good part comes into fruition.

Worse still I am a number 5 = The number 5 is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers in numerology, it is unpredictable, always in motion and constantly in need of change, so the term patience to a number 5 is like a 4 letter word.

But when you think about it, what is the alternative?  Impatience?

Impatience is a characteristic that denotes restlessness and intolerance, by being impatient there is a preoccupation with the future, an inability to endure delay or opposition, heightened intolerance and anxiety.   Impatience makes you demanding, encourages you to become controlling and respond to your circumstances with arrogance, it demonstrates a desire to manipulate your reality, a lack of faith and hinders growth.

So really the choice is easy.  But what is the Universe saying when it speaks of patience…

“journey, journey, journey”  it is the journey that counts.

Ill give you an example.  A couple of years ago I was in a job that I desperately wanted to move on from.  It was toxic and definitely going nowhere.  So I applied for new jobs and more new jobs always being driven forward by the end result of escape.  But relief did not come.  I became disheartened, obsessive and compulsive – toys got thrown – why wasn’t this working???

Eventually after close to a year of looking I found my current role being both a step up in responsibility and pay.  On reflecting back on that time, I wondered why it took so long, why was it necessary that I go through all that pain and what did I need to learn from my experience (particularly because I didn’t want to go through that again)?

I came to the realisation that I was so focussed on the end result, so preoccupied with the ‘escape’ that I lost all enjoyment in my day to day life, my impatience made me intolerant, agitated and restless.  But as I was studying at the time, it was my day to day experiences that gave me the skills, experience and knowledge to be successful in my new role.

So in effect indulging in my impatient behaviour made my journey so much harder than it needed to be, I did not see the value in the present.

So to approach life with patience enables a gentle, receptive attitude to creating your reality and with a faith in the outcome that determines your experiences.  Everything we do/experience has due process so that if we patiently let that process develop, with gentle perseverance and quiet determination, then our experience, our journey, naturally becomes more enjoyable and

ensures we gain the benefit of valuable insight learned from living in the moment.

Patience is delaying gratification, gaining the knowledge we need from the present and allowing rewards to come later.  It is the spiritual path taken in difficult times.

So with this 4 letter word back in my vocabulary I plan to focus on the journey and ensure I learn from my experiences in a patient kind of way.

Flower Bud