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16 July 2013 – Naked Tuesday

It all started with sitting so innocently on the couch the other day (fully clothed) watching Adam Hills Tonight when the camera swung around and Adam introduced – Craig Coombes.  Craig was in the audience to fulfil one of the requests on his bucket list – to meet Adam Hills.  Craig is actively working on his bucket list, because he has terminal cancer.

The other thing that Craig does is spend a lot of time being Naked.  He has inspired the website Naked Tuesday and as this website says, once you stumble across Naked Tuesday, you won’t look at life the same ever again!

TuesdayNaked Tuesday came about when Craig starting posting pictures of himself in 2012, to show that he, and his family are OK with who he is – warts, other bits and all.  His philosophy is get out of your comfort zone, have a crack, and give it a go but while Craig is terminally ill, his message is not to wait until you are presented with a really, really bad situation, but “make the rest of your life, the BEST of your life” from today.

make the rest of your life, the BEST of your life

There is a public gallery and a weekly challenge and so people can send in their own happy snaps. Not surprisingly there are substantially more pictures of men than women, but the women who have bared all for this ever so good cause, show us true courage and acceptance of the normal wobbly bits and what it looks like to be a gorgeous, naked woman.

There is even a ‘Craig’s wall of fame’, however so far I think Adam Hills is the only one showing any flesh.  The wall of fame is linked to Craig’s bucket list and it shows just how much an act of courage can open up life.  Craig’s face, and possibly other bits too, are being recognized around town so that on a recent trip to the zoo someone stopped him so they could get a naked pic with him, then and there.

So while the concept of the site is enough to put a little perspective in your day, the comedy of the site is also worth a google search, though I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the pic of the man on the trampoline…

Naked Tuesday is yet another example of someone so courageous laughing in the face of adversity.  Yet another example of a beautiful human spirit sent to teach us, the ones who complain about working too hard or another rainy day (clearly no-one from Perth) the real meaning of life.

Hats and clothes off to you Craig – and so I did, on the couch all by myself.  I hope one day to have such courage :)