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Get Grounded

Do you ever feel scattered, or overwhelmed with all the things you have to do and that leads you to feeling scattered?  The very next chance you get go to the beach, make any excuse, borrow the neighbours children, their dog or their surfboard and go….

When you are there dig your toes in the sand at the water’s edge, close your eyes and let that sinking feeling into the sand ground you.  (If you are at the dog beach be a little careful of wet unsuspecting noses in the back of your knee you may find your whole body connected to the sand – yes this really has happened to me).

It will move your energies from your head into your body, help you feel and be more present, more practical and just see how much more you get done.

Beach Grounding

PS – if you can’t get to the beach, you can also ground yourself by just being in nature and breathing, walking, or doing any kind of exercise… just by consciously connecting to the earth beneath your feet.