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25 May 2013 – Conscious Living The Start

Today is the start, the start of this blog/journal dedicated to conscious living.  I have to say I am a little nervous, I didn’t realise before I started this process what a commitment a blog is, but decision made I hope you find the content both informative and entertaining and I look forward to receiving any comments or similar experiences you would like to share.

To begin with I am going to copy an extract from my About page to describe what I believe conscious living to be – so I don’t contradict myself :) and also because it is the absolute basis for where I go to from here.  Sorry for the double up…

Living consciously is a practice of self awareness.  Having gone through the self discovery process you understand exactly who you are, are aware of how you feel (physically and emotionally) and why you feel and behave the way you do.  In understanding You, you know when things aren’t working for you, you take conscious action against being limited by negative thoughts, you change your perception to serve you better and consciously release negative feelings when things don’t go the way you perceive that they should.  You are aware of and find the lesson in every difficulty you face.  You Heal

So here goes.Tree Love

I started reading my new Paulo Coelho book a few nights ago.  I have read more PC books than any other author he has an amazing way of taking you on journeys of self discovery within an entertaining story.  This particular book, Manuscript in Accra is based on battle and the concept that ‘only he who gives up is defeated, everyone else is victorious.’

He writes of battles as if they are life’s difficulties which are cyclical, stages we must go through… Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose… But one part that really struck me so far is the “Take Pride in Your Scars”

At the moment I have noticed that I get nervous talking to some people, well if I am honest its actually mostly single men.  And reading this book made me realise that that nervousness is simply a result of scars from previous battles, scars which have left me vulnerable.  Being vulnerable is good, allowing yourself to be vulnerable comes from a place of strength, invokes understanding and there is no energy wasted in pretense.  Scars are the sign of a warrior and according to PC ‘the fighter will never be defeated’.

So having this AHA moment has allowed me to take pride in my scars and I now view my nervousness with empathy.  And from previous experience I know before too long, because I have figured this one out, my nervousness will fade and I will be able to have an intelligent conversation with any single bloke without turning beetroot in colour and ducking for the closest house/car/boat even if its not mine – watch this space…