Guest Feature on The Sprout

Well I am honoured this morning to be featured on ‘The Sprout’ – bringing fun into all things health and wellness.

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Gemma from the Sprout wanted to know what it means to live consciously…

Guest Post: Fiona Ferreira is Living Consciously

Conscious Living

My name is Fiona, I am a healer and proud business owner of Left of Centre Therapies, specialising in Reiki/hands on healing and Meditation practices AND I have a blog dedicated to ‘conscious living’.   Conscious living is… well its living consciously of course :)– but in all seriousness…

Let me start with some background…

As I think you would all agree, human nature is constantly evolving, there is so much change from one generation to the next.  History has shown us that human culture and knowledge are also continuously progressing and I believe that goes for human awakening too.  Together we are going somewhere, with each generation building on the accomplisments of the one before.

In our own way, each of us contributes to this evolution, starting young with a determination not to behave the same way that our parents did.  From watching and interacting with them, we discerned what we liked and did not like about their behaviour and vowed it would be different for us.  How smart we were as kids!

This may be where some of us leave it, we lose those conscious thoughts as we ‘grow up’ and revert to behaviour patterns learned from our parents, with little regard to our childhood insight.  We mirror their lives and their mistakes.  Others vow not to be like their mother or father and do everything in their power to be the exact opposite.  If we are lucky at some point we hear ourselves saying – oohhhh I sound just like my mother… or we realise that all that energy spent on being the exact opposite may not have brought us to a better place either.

Don’t tell your parents, but reaching this point is actually a good thing – as using these as cues we start to question, who are we and why we are behaving the way we do?  Why are we not living the life we thought we would as children and why are we constantly mending bridges (particularly with our parents) as we go?  As we work through these questions we become more and more conscious of what is really going on in our lives, what is causing our difficulties, we start to become self aware, we begin to live consciously.

Living consciously is being conscious of how and why we behave the way we do, it is the practice of self awareness. We learn to take responsibility for our actions and our lives, we resort to automatic behaviour less and less and are conscious of our behaviour more and more, we use our parents as examples and seek alternative perspectives and ways to behave, we become open to alternative solutions to our problems, we take conscious action against being limited by negative thoughts and we become aware of and find the lesson in every difficulty we face. We heal and we evolve.