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Handy hints for healthy thoughts

Pressure may be building and times may be testing, but here a some quick tips to help you keep a healthy head:

*       think first, act second

*       avoid “all or nothing” thinking

*       avoid overgeneralizing: “all”, “always”

*       avoid labeling or being judgmental

*       avoid filtering i.e hear the words not the perception

*       focus on the positives

*       avoid jumping to conclusions

*       focus on the present event, leave the past in the past

*       forget about the “shoulds”

*       do not self-blame for things that you have no control over


Living consciously astrologically

Yasmin Boland Astrologies “living consciously”

As I sat waiting for coffee yesterday morning in my favourite caff, I read the Astro section in the Body and Soul section of the newspaper.  There I found a little gem where Yasmin Boland spoke of living consciously in the current energy climate, here is what she had to say…

“People often ask what it means to ‘live consciously’, well this week it would mean facing up to issues that arise, figuring out how often these buttons are pushed and looking for the wisest long-term solution.  Facing facts is part of the solution, so is acting maturely.”


So what is the purpose of this mundane?

As I work toward building a life full of passion and creativity, I have often found myself stuck in theory and working in the mundane.  I am at the beginning, in the time of practice and the building of self confidence.  At times I find this period frustrating and a sort of restless feeling sets in.

This has lead me to seek what is the purpose of this mundane?

And this is what I found…

The essence of wisdom is to use everything, even lowly things, for a noble purpose. When involved in lofty matters of sanctity, it is not difficult for any person to focus on spiritual improvement. However, when involved in mundane matters, it takes a healthy level of wisdom to be able to focus on their spiritual value. This requires a “wise person who sees that which is to come in the future.

For this reason, when one begins the blessings that relate to mundane matters, as one who leaves the holy to enter mundane activities, he must pray for the wisdom to enable even those matters to be connected to sanctity.

Extract from :

Full moon

why does the moon make us go a little crazy when she is at her fullest

As I lay in bed last night I decided to ask the moon why she makes us go a little crazy when she is at her fullest.  She answered me through speaking of the purpose of cycles.

The cycle of the moon begins with the new moon, a time when new opportunities or new lessons are presented or old lessons are presented in a new way.  At the full moon there is total illumination of these lessons and with nowhere to hide we feel increasingly sensitive.  For those who practice regular self awareness you will know that whenever we respond hyper sensitively, even though we can often explain our behaviour away, there is always an underlying darkness that needs to be brought into the light.

The cycle of the waning moon then gives us the chance to face up to and let go of these issues.  Many women cycles follow this with a period letting go and renewal during the waning moon.  The more we hold on to outdated ideas the more painful this time can be for both physically and emotionally.

The cycles of the moon should therefore be honoured as times to become aware of what it is we need to learn, times to be conscious of how we are being affected and times to let go and surrender.

Moon ceremony to try – in the waxing moon write down any issues you may be facing and put them in a fire proof bowl.  On full moon offer these issues up to the moon in prayer tell her that you wish to surrender and release them from your life.  Then burn the offering in the bowl.