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Living Inside Out

Ever heard of living inside out?  Living inside out is both psychologically and spiritually recognised (for the want of a better word) based on the concept of creating and projecting your perception of life from inside out rather than outside in.

Living inside out means building an internal understanding of life so that when something happens in the outside world, you still feel deeply but there is no significant impact on your wellbeing. You bring clarity to a situation with feelings that are authentic and without influence, feelings that are yours.

Inside of you, you have a whole internal world, an internal landscape, infinite wisdom, intuition, instinct, inner knowledge, much of which you brought with you into this life. Those living inside out explore the beauty and wisdom of this inner world and use it as a central point for how they perceive and respond to life.

When I started to explore living inside out, through meditation I saw an inner landscape, a large lake with mountains in the background and bushes and reeds around the edge. For the most part the lake is still, deep and peaceful, it’s a happy place.

There are caves where I hold my beliefs around vulnerability and inclusion, nourishment and personal boundaries. There are moments where children play in the water to remind me to be childish.

So that when things seem crazy on the outside… I access this inner world to remember who I am and then respond to the external experience.

I’ll give you an example: I made a mistake at my day job the other day and someone else had to help me get out of the mess created. I caught myself worrying that this person might think I was disorganised, unfocussed and didn’t know what I was doing – actually to be honest I was working with a brand new programme, so really didn’t know what I was doing.

Looking in and asking myself how was I really feeling, made me realise I was vulnerable.  This was my aha moment because the beliefs I have are that vulnerability brings connection and compassion.  From this perspective I decided that the other person was probably happy to help and demonstrate her expertise, and that I would show myself compassion and learn from this mistake. Peace restored.

So my message to you is to explore your inner world, your perceptions, your landscape, identify and change any beliefs that do not nourish you and hold true so that you becoming the writer, the creator and hero of your own story.

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