Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Love what you doNeed help with Career Planning and Decision Making? Or just need a new job!!!

With work taking up over 50% of our waking days the impact of work on the way our lives look, is significant.

So if you enjoyed going to work, how would your life look?  How differently would you treat the people around you if you were doing something that mattered?

Career Counselling can help you to discover new possibilities to create a passionate existence and therefore lead a life of impact.

Left of Centre Therapies provides career consulting services to individuals in Perth, offering a range of services including:

  • Career advice;Love what you do
  • Career counselling;
  • Resume writing;
  • Addressing selection criteria;
  • LinkedIn Profiles;
  • Job and interview coaching; and
  • Career development

Career counselling is suitable for:

  • Year 10-12 students who need help choosing their job, career or training pathways;
  • Graduates who are looking for career guidance and advice on their employment options;Do what you love
  • People who are considering a career change and need help planning their next move; and
  • People who have been made redundant, have lost their job or just looking for a better place to work…

Services include:

  • Resume development (1 x session)….$50/hr
  • Job coaching – goal setting and assistance with job applications (3 x sessions)….$50/hr
  • Career counselling and development (4 x sessions)….$50/hr 
  • in this program, we start by helping you define your interests, values and skills to identify the careers, industries and work environment that best suit you. Follow up sessions include resume development, job coaching and addressing any barriers to making necessary changes

Payment is due on the day of your consultation by cash or direct Bank Transfer