Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Love what you doNeed help with Career Planning, Career Direction and Decision Making? Or just need a new job!!!

With work taking up over 50% of our waking days the impact of work on the way our lives look, is significant.

Career Counselling can help you to discover new possibilities , gain direction and work towards doing something that you love

Left of Centre Therapies provides career consulting services to individuals in Perth, offering a range of services including:

  • Career advice/counselling;Love what you do
  • Resume writing;
  • Addressing selection criteria;
  • Job application and interview coaching; and
  • Career development

Career counselling is suitable for:

  • Year 10-12 students who need help choosing their job, career or training pathways;
  • Graduates who are looking for career guidance or advice on their employment options;Do what you love
  • People who are considering a career change and need help planning their next move; and
  • People who have been made redundant, have lost their job or just looking for a better place to work…

Services include:

  • Resume development (1 x session)….$50/hr
  • Career counselling and development ….$50/hr  

Payment is due on the day of your consultation by cash or direct Bank Transfer