Left of Centre Therapies, Scarborough, WA

welcome to the sweet life…

Guidance around careers and spirituality

I am a qualified Career Practitioner, providing career training and coaching to both Adults and Youth, in seeking work and while at work, in particular : career development; career exploration; personal development; professional development; and employability skills.  Services include career counselling, resume development and assistance with job applications, workplace coaching and change management.

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I also offer intuitive readings and transformative energy coaching.  An intuitive reading connects into your energy, your higher self and the universal energy to give you soul to soul guidance.  During an intuitive reading, you will gain insight into what is currently being expressed in your energy field, what you may be working with as well as providing answers to specific questions.

The result is guidance toward perspective that helps to make you feel more comfortable and happy in the life that you are living – La Dolce Vite.

Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be experienced